Saturday, August 1, 2009

Donate Your Car: Kidney Car

Do you have an old car that you don't need? Or a car that isn't running properly anymore that you'd like to dispose of?

Why not donate your car for a good cause.

Kidney Car is a project of the National Kidney Foundation where people who want to contribute to fighting kidney disease can donate their cars to help kidney patients and their families.

Kidney Cars can be reached through their website or at 1-800-488-CARS.


Kidney cars has been active for 25 years, receiving over 650,000 vehicles that have donated.

More than $150 million raised to help kidney patients and their families.

When you donate your car, the proceeds are used to help through the following:

Patient and Community Services for early detection screenings and to support patients and families whose lives are changed forever by kidney disease.

Public Education Initiatives to heighten awareness of the importance of early detection and the desperate need for organ donation.

Professional Education Programs to ensure kidney doctors and other health care professionals never stop learning the latest in kidney disease clinical treatment.

Kidney Research
to identify new treatments.

Patient Advocacy to make patients’ voices heard through legislative action

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