Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Dialysis Session

A few moments after the catheter was inserted, I began my first dialysis session. The nurses had to foresight to position me right beside the hemodialysis machine, probably knowing that I would have a dialysis session right after the catheter was inserted.

The connection to the dialysis machine was quick and simple, thanks to the catheter. All I felt when they connected it was something pressing against my skin as the dialysis technician was pushing the plastic tube that was connected to the dialysis machine into the my catheter. Once I heard a clicking sound, he was done, the connection was firmly in place.

A few button presses later to adjust the settings and the machine, and I was on my way. He also made sure to tell me that if I felt anything out of the ordinary, to give anyone of them a shout.

It was going to be another three to four hours before the session was done, and by that time I was beat. From the diagnosis that morning, to the running around the hallways of the hospital, to the mini-operation that was just performed, I was physically tired. The thing was, it was the mental anguish and emotional stress of the whole situation that was more draining rather than the physical aspect of it.

A few minutes after starting my first dialysis session, I dozed off.

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