Saturday, August 15, 2009

When to see a Nephrologist

A doctor who specializes in the kidney and kidney diseases is called nephrologist. Nephrologists are experts in handling different medical issues involving the kidney.

In general, a nephrologist is helpful at the very first sign of kidney problems. Even when your kidney function is still very good (above 60%) , once there are findings that point to possible trouble, a nephrologist can help do the following.

1. Select the proper course of action and diagnose the type of kidney disease. Many times, kidney disease that is caught early and properly treated can be stopped or reversed.

2. Slow the rate or completely stop the decline of your kidney function.

3. Treat the kidney disease related complications like high blood pressure and anemia.
Once your kidney function reaches 30% or below, going to a nephrologist becomes a must. During this latter stage, a nephrologist is needed as the effects of the diminished kidney functions, whether direct or indirect, will be very present.

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